Samuel Nebyu’s “Music by Composers of African Descent”

Music by Composers of African Descent, by Temple University’s BCM&D Records, is a milestone for violinist and student at Temple’s Boyer College of Music & Dance, Samuel Nebyu—his debut recording and probing exploration of cultural identity. Born to a Hungarian mother and Ethiopian father, Nebyu uses the six compositions on Music by Composers of African Descent to delve into his African identity through the works of forebears Joseph Bologne Chevalier Saint-Georges, Henry Thacker Burleigh, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, and Clarence Cameron White. This album advances BCM&D’s (short for Boyer College of Music and Dance) remarkable track record for investing in promising, visionary young musicians. The label has been honored with three Grammy award nominations, including two nominations for Best Instrumental Composition in 2012 and one nomination in the same category in 2010.