Original Music:
The original music of Ayreheart reflects elements of the many kinds of music we love: Folk, Celtic, Bluegrass, Classical, Jazz and others. Ronn McFarlane (lute), Brian Kay (vocals, lute, guitar & komuz), Willard Morris (bass, violin, mandolin & colascione) and Mattias Rucht (percussion) blend the old and new to create Ayreheart’s collective voice.

Renaissance Music:
Ayreheart also performs Renaissance concerts with voice, two lutes, colascione (a kind of bass lute) and hand percussion. These historically informed concerts give a glimpse into the lute’s past, and the expressiveness that prompted Renaissance writers to call the lute “The Prince of Instruments.”

When Centuries Collide:
An Ayreheart performance can consist of an eclectic mix of Renaissance-inspired Folk and Acoustic Rock originals, as well as some old traditional tunes, or entire programs of Renaissance music from the British Isles. Ayreheart also offers concerts consisting of half original music and half Renaissance music. When Centuries Collide is a ground-breaking concert program combining the elegance of Renaissance music with the propulsion of twenty-first century rock.

“Ayreheart grew out of my desire to write new music for the lute - the most popular instrument of the Renaissance - and make it accessible to a wider audience. My first compositions were conceived as solos. But I was soon writing music that could not be fully expressed on solo lute and I needed musician friends to help realize the music. Willard Morris and Mattias Rucht teamed up with me first. Then in 2013 Brian Kay joined us and the band was complete. Together we perform our own original music as well as Renaissance music from the time of Shakespeare.” ~Ronn McFarlane