American Pianists Association

The American Pianists Association has been supporting aspiring young artists for over 30 years. Their unique Fellowships, both classical and jazz, offer significant opportunities for American pianists, ages 18-30, to advance their careers. Each Fellowship is valued at over $100,000 including cash awards, fees, publicity and recording opportunities. APA is proud of their assistance and innovative competition formats. All of APA’s competition events are produced as public recitals and feature the Finalists in a variety of settings. APA greatly values the individual artistic sensibilities of each pianist, very much wish to nurture such individuality and do not impose any repertoire requirements during the competitions other than those necessary for the different genres. It is APA’s intent to focus on artistic expression and not on competitive prowess. Further, APA makes an effort to tailor its career assistance to suit the particular needs of the Fellow, offering an array of opportunities appropriate to the Fellow’s current career development and status. APA is not a management agency as such and do not try to be. Rather, APA strives to be the bridge between professional training and a full-fledged professional career.